Ken Erickson

I'm an Engineer from Tucson, AZ. I have a passion for taking photos, I started when I was just a child with a Kodak Instamatic X-15F. From there I graduated to a real 35mm, Fujica AX-3. I added a Canon Photura 105 for those quick and easy snapshots and eventually ventured into the digital world with a Sony FD88. When the Sony F707 was introduced I was one of the first to upgrade. The upgrade to the Sony F717 was under a warranty replacement and I was one of the first to get the Sony R1 when it was released. After my R1 went for a swim I upgraded once more to the Canon 30d. About 18 months later I added a Canon 5d to my arsenal. I have earned the name of paparazzi among family and friends due to my photo taking habits. Since my venture into the world of Canon I have started shooting weddings, portraits and events in addition to the usual family and vacation photos.

Feel free to provide feedback (whether positive or negative), it is always appreciated.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

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